The conditions to become a tester

Do you want to test my models? I adore you already !!!

I am regularly looking for testers for my new baby blankets designs. It may also happen that I make a test call for small baby clothes.

Your knitting level does not matter because my tutorials are accessible to both beginners and experts, but you will have to tell me your level when enrolling for the test (at the bottom of the test pages).

To become a tester, there are a few small conditions:
– You must be motivated,
– You must respect the given deadline,
– You must be discreet and keep the model secret until the official publication, so no pictures of your ongoing work must be published.
– You must have an Instagram and / or Ravelry account.

Regarding the tests:
– You can use any yarn and colors you want as long as you stick to the gauge. (The gauge is important because if you do not stick to it, the pattern will be distorted!)
– You must know the basic knitting stitches: Garter stitch, stockinette stitch (K & P), seed stitch, rib … (A little reminder is indicated in my tutorials),
– You must not be afraid to test new methods including Intarsia, Jacquard and duplicate stitch (Embroidery) methods. (All methods are explained in the tutorials with links to videos).
– You must be forgiving because you will receive an unfinished version of the tutorial with possible errors, typos …

During the test, I will ask you for some little information:
– The chosen method for the blanket (Intarsia, Jacquard or Duplicate stitch/Embroidery),
– The brand of your wool,
– Any errors you found in the tutorial
– The problems you have encountered
– Your feedback on the clarity of the instructions.

At the end of the test, I will ask you:
– The exact yardage of yarn you used for each color,
– The final size obtained before and after blocking,
– Pictures of your finished work (front and back with the tucked-in threads and / or with a nice fabric on the back).

The tests are not paid but when I publish the final version of the tutorial, I promise to:
– Send you the finished and corrected version of the tutorial,
– Post the best pictures of your blanket on my website, my Instagram account @LePavillonCreatif and my Facebook account.

For your part, you will be able to publish your work on your various accounts, remembering to tag me: @LePavillonCréatif and with the # LePavillonCréatif only after the publication of the official launch.

Do you still want to be part of the adventure?

As soon as a new test is launched I will send you an email to ask you out if you are available for the desired period.  Watch your spams !


Send me a message for become a tester

Upon receipt of your message, you will be registered in the list of testers. I launch test calls first on Instagram. If I don't have enough testers, I send an email to the testers of the team.

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